August 2023

August 28th, 2023

Hello friends of Hashboard -

I hope you all have enjoyed summer and were able to spend some time away from the office!

The team had the chance to get out of our NYC office during our offsite (opens in a new tab) a couple weeks ago. It was great to spend dedicated time to reflect on the work we’ve accomplished and focus on where we’re headed. This monthly update features a couple significant product updates that have been a long time coming…joins, a redesigned data explorer and more!

- Carlos

PS - stay tuned for some major announcements coming next week! I can’t wait to let you all in on what our team has been up to.

JOIN us in a land of normalized data

User viewing Gif of data models being joined

In the past, you’ve had to model data in Hashboard using flat, denormalized tables. While this can be a simple way to get started, it has its downsides. Now, you can model relational tables in Hashboard models directly.

Once you join models (opens in a new tab), Hashboard will automatically pull in relevant tables during queries, and allow you to use any attributes from any joined model. This gives you all the analytical flexibility of denormalized tables, and all the data tidiness of normalized data.

Introducing the Data Tray

User viewing a data tray overlayed on charts

We’ve introduced a new approach to exploring data which makes it clear what data is available, and what actions you can take on each metric or attribute. This new interface (opens in a new tab) should allow your curiosity to better guide you toward insights.

This is our first step in refining the data exploration experience to be clearer, faster, and (dare we say) fun-er.

📚 Other Updates, Blog Posts & More

  • Aliases - It’s now easier to reference your DataOps resources! You can assign models, saved explorations, dashboards, and color palettes their own project-wide unique aliases, which can be included anywhere you’d previously use their ID. (opens in a new tab)
  • Measures - Rename alert! You may have noticed that what used to be referenced as ‘Metrics’ in data models and the data tray, have been renamed to 'Measures.’ (opens in a new tab)
  • Saved Explorations - Another rename and new functionality! 'Saved Views' are now 'Saved Explorations' (opens in a new tab) to clarify what they are in Hahsboard. All exploring happens on the model now. Saved explorations are read only, but can be the start of a new exploration with the new "Explore from here" button.
  • Saving 💰 with Hashboard, dbt and Git - This technical blog (opens in a new tab) walks through an example of how our team uses Hashboard to monitor costs in our data warehouse!

👀 Hoping to see something else on our feature release list? Check out our Product Roadmap and let us know what we’re missing.

You can drop us a note or ping us on Slack with your💡ideas, 🗣 feedback, or 🙋questions. We look forward to👂hearing from you!

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