Using the CLI

Using the Hashboard CLI

The Hashboard CLI allows you to create Preview and Deploy Builds directly from your terminal or continuous integration system.

Check out the Quickstart guide to learn how to set up your CLI client and the schema documentation to learn more about how specific resources are defined in Hashboard.

Hashboard commands

Recommended workflows

The CLI allows you to integrate Hashboard into your existing development and deployment process. As an example, below is a recommended workflow for making changes to Hashboard resources or upstream data:

  1. Store your Hashboard configuration files in a git repo alongside your data pipeline code.
  2. Run your pipelines to populate test data into a separate database or schema. If you use dbt for your data pipeline check out the dbt integration documentation to see how to seamlessly combine your dbt and Hashboard workflows.
  3. Adjust your Hashboard configuration files as necessary to reflect your intended changes.
  4. Run hb preview to create a Preview Build, adjusting the source section of your model(s) to point at your test dataset.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments in the Preview and re-export your new configuration files.
  6. Send a Pull Request for all the pending changes, including a link to your Preview Build.
  7. Merge the Pull Request into your main git branch.
  8. Run hb deploy --git-revision=main to deploy your new Hashboard resources to your project.