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Resource Lineage

Resource Lineage

Understanding Resource Lineage is crucial for maintaining the integrity and reliability of your Hashboard projects. This feature provides a comprehensive view of dependencies among various resources, enabling better decision-making when making changes.

Automatic dependency checks

Hashboard validates dependencies in real-time when you make changes that could impact a dashboard or other resources.

Examples of dependency checks

  • Deleting a measure or attribute used in a saved exploration triggers a warning and shows you which saved explorations would be affected by your change.
  • Deleting a data model that's in use shows all current usages.
  • When triggering a project build preview, downstream impacts of your changes are listed.

Viewing resource lineage

The Resource Lineage can be viewed as a dependency graph giving you different perspectives on how resources are connected.

Via the resource lineage page

Follow this link: Resource Lineage (opens in a new tab) or

  1. Click the More menu in the navigation sidebar.
  2. Select Resource Lineage from the menu or

On a per-resource basis

  1. Navigate to the resource you are interested in.
  2. Click on the dropdown three dots button at the top right of the page.
  3. Select Resource Lineage from the dropdown menu.

Column-level lineage

You can see the column-level lineage for any measure or attribute, which can help you when refactoring code or trying to see the impacts of your changes.

  1. Goto to the models page (opens in a new tab)
  2. Edit a model
  3. Click on any attribute or measure to show the details
  4. Click View dependencies to see a list of all resources that depend on the column