Data Explorer


Saved Explorations and Data Models are often starting points for further exploration and analysis. Hashboard makes it safe and easy to take resources further and share what you've found with the Explorations feature.

Starting and resuming an exploration

Whenever you begin making changes to a data model in the Data Explorer, Hashboard will track your changes and create unique URLs for each step in your exploration.

Click the Stop exploring button to reset back to the data model's default configuration at any time. Hashboard will save your place for each resource for you to return to later.

If you've explored a data model before, can you resume your previous exploration by clicking the Resume exploration button.

Sharing an exploration

In the Data Explorer, you can always click the Copy link button to copy the URL for your current exploration to the clipboard. You can also simply copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.

When someone else accesses your link, they will be brought to the resource with your Exploration applied. They can then review the exploration or start their own exploration using your shared state as a starting point.


While an Exploration link contains configurations such as Breakouts and Filters, it does not freeze and preserve the underlying data. If someone accesses an Exploration and the underlying data has changed, they might not see what was intended.

Creating a Saved exploration

Sometimes you may create an exploration with an insight or a configuration that you want to name and share with others. You can save your exploration by clicking the Save button.

When you save an exploration, Hashboard will create a new saved exploration resource that contains the current state of your exploration.

When other users in your project are exploring a data model, they can see all saved explorations matching the current data model in the Explorations tab of the Data tray. Here they can start their own exploration using any of the saved explorations as a starting point.

Viewing a Saved Exploration

Aside from starting a new exploration from a saved exploration, you can view the saved exploration by clicking the more menu for a particular saved exploration in the Data tray and selecting View saved exploration.

This will provide a read-only view of the saved exploration ideal for sharing with others. This view of the saved exploration contains a more pronounced title and description if one has been provided.

From this view of the saved exploration, users can begin a new exploration from the saved exploration by clicking the Explore from here button.