Project Management
Resource Metadata

Resource Metadata

Resource metadata allows you to categorize and search for resources more easily.

The following resource types support metadata:

Metadata fields


Resource status allows you to easily convey the current state of a resource. The status options are:

  • No status (default)
  • Exploratory
  • In progress
  • Verified
  • Deprecated


The person responsible for overseeing and managing the resource is the resource owner. The specific responsibilities of the resource owner can vary depending on the needs and structure of your organization or team as well as the type of resource. For example, in some organizations, the owner of a metric may hold a functional role like a VP of Sales and be responsible for high-level sales metrics such as average time-to-close. In other organizations, the assigned owner may be a sales analyst who is responsible for modeling and managing the metric data.


Labels are used to categorize or tag similar resources. A resource can have multiple labels.

To make it easier to reuse labels across your project, Hashboard will list labels that have been used previously as you type.

For example, you might have a label for each department in your organization. Labels are searchable with project search.

Adding metadata to resources

The easiest way to view and update your resource metadata is from the data library page for each resource. To access the data library page for a particular resource, click on the resource type in the left sidebar under the Data library section.

Collections are an exception to this rule. To update or view the metadata for a collection click on the collection name in the left sidebar under the Collections section.