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Period-over-period Comparisons

Period-over-period Comparisons

Period-over-period comparisons allow you to compare timeseries data from different periods of time. They can be configured via the control panel on the right-hand side of the Data Explorer, under the Compare heading.

Currently, Hashboard supports Previous Year, Previous Month, and Previous Week comparisons. Year and month comparisons are calendar based, so e.g. applying a Previous Year comparison to a chart showing monthly data for April 2022, May 2022, and June 2022 will compare to data from April 2021, May 2021, and June 2021, respectively.

All period comparisons are done in a single SQL query, which you can see via Inspect -> View SQL Query in the upper right hand corner, or by opening the SQL Runner.

Comparisons will be applied as a breakout to your chart, as follows:

Period Comparison Example

Note - In order to effectively compare across periods, your chart granularity (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) must be equal or narrower than the period you're comparing.