Data Explorer
Maps (beta)

Map controls

The following sections are available in the control panel for configuring the Map visualization beta feature.

For access to this beta feature, contact the Hashboard support team at


Use this section to apply filters to your dataset. To add a new filter, click the + button.

For more information on how to use filters, see the Filtering documentation.


Use this section to configure which measure will be displayed in the map.

Each map region will be colored in proportion to the value of the measure, based on the map color legend.


Defines the geographic regions chosen for the map. The following geographic regions can be used for map visualizations:

  • US State: represented either as state abbreviations (e.g. "NY") or state names (e.g. "New York").
  • US County: represented as county FIPS codes (e.g. "36061") or county names (e.g. "New York County").
  • US Zip Code: represented as 5-digit zip codes (e.g. "10001").

Geographic regions are automatically detected based on your attributes.

To manually set an attribute as Geographic or to change its Geographic type, navigate to the Model builder, select the attribute you want to set as Geographic, and select the Geographic type dropdown.

Map options

Use this section to configure custom visualization options for your map, including:

  • Palette: Defines color legend for regions.
  • Use secondary colors: Toggles between primary & secondary color schemes for color palettes. If the primary color scheme is toggled, the color legend will interpolate between grey and the primary color in the selected palette; if the secondary color scheme is toggled, the color legend will interpolate between the full range of secondary colors in the selected palette.
  • Show boundaries: Toggles the visibility of region boundaries, which can be set to "None", "County", or "State".