Project Management
Resource History

Resource history

Your project's resource history allows you to review how the configuration of your resources has changed, alongside who made the change and when.

The following resource types are currently tracked in your project's resource history:

Specific resource version history

When viewing data models, saved explorations, dashboards and metrics, you can quickly view the history of that resource over time.

  • For specific data models, saved explorations, or dashboards you can view the history of that resource by navigating to the appropriate page from the data library in the left side navigation sidebar, clicking the resource you want to view, selecting the more (three dots) menu, then selecting the "Version history" menu item.
  • For a specific metric, you can view the history of that metric by navigating to the metrics page in the data library, selecting the more (three dots) menu of that specific metric, then selecting the "Version history" menu item.

When viewing the history of a resource, each change is shown as a comparison against the previous version. Each change also has a timestamp, whether the resource was created, updated, or deleted in that change, and the user that made the change.

Who can access specific resource version history?

If a user has permissions to view a resource, they are allowed to view the specific resource version history for that resource.

Project-level resource history

In addition to viewing the history for a specific resource, users with the proper permissions can view the history all resources across their project in a single place.

To view the project-level resource history page, click the more (three dots) menu in the left navigation sidebar, then click the "Resource history" menu item.

This page groups changes to resources that were made at the same time, such as updates to resources using code or updates to model that impacted dependent resources.

To view the visual diffs for a grouped change, click on the specific row in the table and a modal will appear with the diffs for each resource.

Who can access project-level resource history?

If a user has permission to build resources from code (the CREATE_DATA_MODEL_REPO_BUILD permission), they are allowed to view the project-level resource history.

"Additional changes detected" warning

When changes are shown in comparison to the previous version of the resource, sometimes there are changes that are not shown in the comparison.

The visual diff of a resource is based on the Hashboard configuration schema. These schemas do not encompass all possible changes for resource. Some changes not described in the configuration schemas are:

When visual diff of a resource indicated that nothing has changed, but one of these changes not described in the configuration scehamas is present, we will show a warning along side a human-readable explanation of what has changed.