Project Management

Organize Content with Collections

Collections allow you to group related saved explorations, dashboards, or other collections together to allow your organization to more easily find and share related data.

You can see all your collections on the collections page (opens in a new tab). From this page, you can also create a new collection.

Adding resources to collections

From the collections page, you can add resources to a collection using the "add resource" button. You can also reorder items within the collection by dragging them around, or remove them from a collection using the three dots menu.

You can also set the collection(s) a resource belongs to when editing them or creating new ones.

The same resource can be in multiple collections at once. For example, the "Total Revenue" saved exploration may be in the "OKRs" and "Financial" collections.

Presentation view

Select "Present" within a collection to hop into a view of all the collection's contents. This link can be shared with users in your project for a minimal, clean view of a group of related data, perfect for a slide-show or other presentation.

Creating sub-collections

Collections can be nested within each other to allow for fine-grain organization. You may have an "OKRs" collection with a subcollection for each quarter, for example.

From within a collection, click "New Sub Collection" to create a sub-collection. You can move a collection into being a sub-collection (or visa versa) by selecting "Move to Collection..." in the three dots menu.