CLI Quickstart

CLI Quickstart

The Hashboard CLI lets you build your Hashboard resources from configuration files, with preview builds and deployments.

Install the Hashboard CLI

pip install hashboard-cli

Sign up or log in

New users

You can sign up for a new Hashboard account with a single command:

hb signup

Alternatively, click Get started on (opens in a new tab) to create an account through our website.

Existing users

The token command will take you through a web-based authentication flow and download a new access key for you. This will be stored at the default filepath ~/.hashboard/hb_access_key.json.

hb token

For information about how to store this token at a different filepath, see the token documentation.

Set up integrations

Hashboard integrates seamlessly with other tools so you can easily manage your data and dashboards with a single workflow. Read our documentation on how to set up integrations for dbt and Git to connect Hashboard to your data pipeline.

Pull resources or build a sample project

If you've created data models, saved explorations or dashboards via the Hashboard GUI you can get started iterating on those resources as code using the pull command. hb pull --all will pull the configs of all resources in your project into your current directory.

hb pull --all

To get started with sample data, check out our example projects on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

Edit resources

You can now edit your resources as code and check them into Git for version control. Visit the schema reference to learn about how to define Hashboard resource configurations.

Deploy your changes

Use the deploy command to write your changes back to your Hashboard project. By default you'll be able to preview your changes before they're published.

hb deploy