Setup Alerting

Setup email and Slack alerts

Setup email and Slack alerting to stay updated on key activities.

Choose your alerting cadence

Determine if you want Daily, Weekly, or Monthly alerting.

Setup a saved exploration to send

Create a saved exploration which filters down to the activity you'd want to be alerted to (e.g. errors or new users added). We recommend starting with a Table visualization for alerting.

Add a filter for a time window that aligns with your alert frequency. For example, you might set a filter to yesterday if you want a daily alert or last week if you want a weekly alert.

Setup the notification

  • Click Share and select either Email or Slack.
  • Opt for Schedule Recurring Report.
  • Hit Set Schedule and match the frequency with your exploration's time window.
  • Ensure Skip Reports with Empty Data is checked.

Reports are generated based on your set frequency, but only sent when relevant data is found, keeping you informed without cluttering your inbox or Slack.