Sharing Data Externally
Public Links

Public Links

Public links allow users to share their saved explorations, dashboards, and collections in Hashboard with others on the public internet. With a public link, someone can access a view-only version of the given resource without the need to log in to Hashboard.


Anyone with the UPDATE_PUBLIC_SHARING permission (those with the Editor or Owner system role by default) can turn on the public link for a resource.

We ensure that those visiting a public link can neither make any edits to the underlying resource(s) nor can they view any data outside of the filters specified by your resource(s).

Turning on public links

  1. Open a saved exploration, dashboard, or collection in Hashboard.
  2. Click the Share dropdown at the top right corner and select the Share as Link option.
  3. In the modal that opens, click the toggle next to Public Link to turn it ON. The link that appears is now active for anyone on the web to visit.
  4. Copy that link and include it wherever you please.

Public links for collections include every resource at the top level of the collection but no resources in sub-collections. To share a sub-collection, you must create a separate public link for it.

Turning off public links

To turn off a public link, simply toggle Public Link to OFF in the Share as Link modal.

Once you do this, users will no longer be able to load that public link. If you ever turn the public link back on for that resource, we reactivate the old link, so you don't need to worry about resending the link to everyone who already had it.

Public links are automatically turned off when a resource is trashed and reactivated if the resource is untrashed.