Data Explorer

Table controls

The following sections are available in the control panel for configuring Table visualizations.


Use this section to apply filters to your dataset. To add a new filter, click the + button.

For more information on how to use filters, see the Filtering documentation.

Table options

This section contains options for customizing the appearance of the table.

  • Palette: Defines the color for breakout values.
  • Compact Padding: Reduces space between table cells.
  • Hide Zero Values: When enabled, zeros are rendered as blank cells in the table.
  • Visualizations: Add bar visualizations within table cells.
  • Formatting rules: Apply conditional formatting to table cells.


Use this section to set the aggregation level for each row by choosing one or more attributes.

Additional options:

  • Sort order: Configures how attribute values are ordered in the visualization.
  • Limit rows: Configures the maximum number of rows that will be displayed. Defaults to 10,000.


This section allows you to group your data based on the values of an attribute. Tables can have up to one Color Breakout applied. For additional information about Breakouts, see the Breakout documentation.


Use this section to configure which measures will be displayed in the table.