MotherDuck is a collaborative serverless analytics platform based on DuckDB, an analytics engine optimized for online analytical processing (OLAP) on your personal machine. MotherDuck enables hybrid execution across your machine and resources in the cloud by automatically planning each part of your query and determining where it's best computed.

If you require analyzing datasets across multiple external sources in a quick and cost-effective way, MotherDuck could be a great solution.

How to get set up

  1. Follow MotherDuck's documentation (opens in a new tab) on getting started.
  2. In Hashboard, go to the Data sources (opens in a new tab) page.
  3. Click + Add connection, select MotherDuck and fill out the fields below.


  • Connection Name: A nickname for your connection. Not used to connect to your database.
  • Database Name: The name of the MotherDuck database to connect to.
  • Service Token: Your MotherDuck service token (opens in a new tab).