ClickHouse (Beta)


Hashboard's ClickHouse integration is currently in Beta. Let us know if you encounter any issues!

Hashboard models based on ClickHouse data tables do not yet support Array-type attributes.

Hashboard uses positional arguments for ClickHouse queries, which are only supported in Clickhouse v21.10 and later.

ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented database management system (DBMS) optimized for online analytical processing (OLAP). It's designed to enable fast, real-time data analysis. ClickHouse achieves its speed and efficiency by employing column-based storage, vectorized query execution, and a range of other data processing optimizations.

You might want to use ClickHouse in scenarios that involve querying and processing large volumes of data. This could include analyzing logs, performing real-time analytical processing, processing time-series data, and running full-text searches, among other uses. It is often used in cases where real-time data analysis is critical.

If you have relatively small data or are very early, using something lightweight like Postgres or uploading csvs or parquet files to our DuckDB integration could also be good options.

How to get set up

  1. Set up a ClickHouse database, either by hosting it on your own infrastructure or signing up for ClickHouse Cloud (opens in a new tab).
  2. Set up a username and password for usage by Hashboard.
  3. In Hashboard, go to the Data sources (opens in a new tab) page.
  4. Click + Add connection, select ClickHouse and fill out the fields below.


  • Connection Name: A nickname for your connection. Not used to connect to your database.
  • Host: The address of your Clickhouse database.
  • Port: The port used for secure native connections to your ClickHouse database. This is usually 9440.
  • Username: The username.
  • Password: The password.
  • Database: The name of the database to read from.