Data Explorer
Area, Line, and Bar Charts

Area, Line, and Bar chart controls

The following sections are available in the control panel for configuring Area, Line, and Bar charts.


This section applies filters to your dataset. To add a new filter, click the + button.

For more information on how to use filters, see the Filtering documentation.

Chart formatting

This section contains options for customizing how your chart is displayed:

  • Palette: Sets the color scheme for the chart.
  • Axis Labels: Enables the display of attribute or metric names on the x and y axes.
  • Grid Lines: Enables the display of grid lines for the x and y axes.
  • Value labels: Labels each datapoint with its numeric value.
  • Legend: Displays a color legend. When enabled, you can control the positioning of the legend by clicking Top, Right, Bottom, or Left, and you can also choose whether the legend title is displayed by toggling "Show Legend Title".

X Axis

This section controls which attribute will be shown on the x-axis. The attribute must be either a date, datetime, or numeric datatype.

Y Axis

This section controls which measures are plotted on your chart. Use the buttons next to each measure to control:

  • Whether the measure is displayed as a bar, line, or area on the chart canvas
  • Whether the measure's range is displayed on the Left or Right axis

Within each Y Axis section, click Axis configuration to reveal additional options:

  • Range: Set the minimum and maximum values. By default, both of these are "auto", which means the range will be adjusted to show all values in the dataset. An auto range will always include 0.
  • Scale: Choose between Linear and Logarithmic scaling. This controls the spacing between different values on that axis.


This section allows you to group your data based on the values of one or more attributes. For additional information about Breakouts, see the Breakout documentation.