The CLI is authenticated by an access key. To create a new access key, run the token command or go to your Settings (opens in a new tab) in the web UI.

By default, the CLI looks for your access key in ~/.hashboard/hb_access_key.json. To use a different filepath, you can either:

  • Set the HASHBOARD_CREDENTIALS_FILEPATH environment variable.
export HASHBOARD_CREDENTIALS_FILEPATH=your/absolute/filepath
# All commands will now use the above credentials filepath.
hb preview
  • Use the --credentials-filepath command-line option on a per-command basis.
# Uses the given filepath while running this command.
hb --credentials-filepath your/absolute/filepath preview
  • Set the HASHBOARD_PROJECT_ID, HASHBOARD_ACCESS_KEY_ID, and HASHBOARD_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_TOKEN environment variables to the respective values stored in your access key file.
export HASHBOARD_PROJECT_ID=your_project_id
export HASHBOARD_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your_access_key_id
export HASHBOARD_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY_TOKEN=your_secret_access_key_token
# All commands will now use the above credentials.
hb preview