Hashboard datasource command

The datasource command allows to perform various functions related to your Hashhboard data sources.

hb datasource ls

List all your existing data sources for a given project in Hashboard.

hb datasource ls
Successfully logged in to Pizza Bytes
🗒  Available data connections 
| Data connection name     | Data connection type | ID               |
| Snowflake db connection  | snowflake            | BNwVyrQ3FY4qejuU |
| Bigquery db connection   | big_query            | 92hu4Ff8QZ79JCNO |
| Databricks db connection | databricks           | 53FmRprC_7USlpn_ |

You can explore data sources further using the tables command.

To create data sources using the CLI, you can either upload files directly to Hashboard using the datasource upload command described below, or configure a connection to a data warehouse using the datasource create command described below.

Also see the Hashboard guide for more information about connecting to your database.

hb datasource create

A group of commands for creating Hashboard data sources.

Available subcommands:

Each subcommand takes a set of arguments that are specific to the data source type. For more information, run hb datasource create [data_source_type] --help.

hb datasource create [data_source_type] [arguments...]

hb datasource update

A group of commands for updating Hashboard data sources. The available subcommands are the same as in hb datasource create.

The arguments for each subcommand are specific to the data source type, and identical to the arguments required for hb datasource create, except for id, which is required for each data source type. To find the id of a data source, run hb datasource ls.

hb datasource create [data_source_type] [id] [arguments...]

hb datasource test

Test an existing Hashboard data connection by providing its name.

hb datasource test bigquery_connection      
Successfully logged in to Pizza Bytes
🔍 Testing connection to bigquery_connection...
🎉 Successfully connected to bigquery_connection.

hb datasource upload

Upload files directly to Hashboard that can be queried using DuckDB and used as the basis for a data model.

hb datasource upload [filepaths...]

Currently Hashboard supports uploading data as csv, tsv, json, or parquet files. These tables can be referenced when building out model configurations.