Hashboard preview command

The preview command is a safe way to see what Hashboard configuration files will look like inside of Hashboard without affecting the state of the BI tool. hb preview makes forking and experimenting with Hashboard from the command line cheap and easy. A preview goes through the following steps:

  1. Validates local Hashboard configuration files and dbt configuration (if using --dbt)
  2. Validates that the data warehouse schema is in sync with your data models
  3. Creates a copy of your main project and puts it into a safe, containerized preview of your local changes and provides you a link to this forked version of your project
  4. Provides you with a list of all managed resources that are changed—either created, updated, deleted or unchanged

The preview command works with dbt and Git workflows.

Previewing resources

run hb preview

# from the root of your dbt directory
$ hb preview --dbt
🐇 Running `dbt parse` to generate a manifest file.
dbt parse
--- dbt output ---
17:15:10  Running with dbt=1.5.1
17:15:10  Performance info: target/perf_info.json
--- end of dbt output ---
Using manifest file at target/manifest.json
🏗️  Creating preview build...
Successfully logged in to Customer A
Project id: ef97b962-5146-442c-9342-2270ed330b65
Access key id: 9df02f73-7c9c-41f5-9d09-9d938e35ad63
📦 Build 16LDUF46wuCwM8B2 created successfully.
*  Model - order_attribution
*  Model - products
*  Model - customers
*  Model - orders
*  Model - campaigns
*  Model - sales
*  Model - marketing_touchpoints
Details: https://hashboard.com/app/p/builds/16LDUF46wuCwM8B2

Open the build

Go to the build preview link at the bottom of the build details, for example https://hashboard.com/app/p/builds/16LDUF46wuCwM8B2. The build preview gives a list of resources with preview links.

Navigate resource previews

Click any resource to open the preview and start to explore. The build is added as a URL query parameter so you can share links (or put them in pull requests, for example). You can navigate through your entire project in the preview mode.