Code Review

Code Reviews for Business Intelligence

Hashboard integrates with git workflows to allow you to implement your code review processes. The core feature that supports this is the Preview Build, enabling you to review changes before they are deployed to your project. For an automated workflow, Hashboard can also be integrated with continuous integration systems to automatically generate preview builds. This guide assumes you know the basics of git workflows like pushing remote branches and committing your code.

Deploy resources to Hashboard

Start by building data models and saved views in the Hashboard UI. You can then either inspect the specification in Hashboard's code editor or use hashboard pull to get the resources into your local workspace. If you've already started deploying resources in Hashboard, you can ignore this step.

hb pull --all
hb deploy

Stage changes for review

Either modify the configuration files manually on your local machine, or open the YAML editor in the GUI to learn how to make changes to your local state. Use the hb preview to safely validate and review your changes.

Git-based workflows and preview

Add your changes to Git, push to a remote branch and open a pull request (in GitHub, GitLab etc.).

You can create a preview of your changes with two possible workflows:

  1. Files-based workflow: Run the CLI from either your local machine or through a GitHub action or GitLab workflow.
  2. Git integration: Configure Hashboard's Git integration and have Hashboard pull from Git directly.

Generate a preview build:

Stage your files and run the preview command:

hb preview # optionally with --dbt or other workflows

Automated Continuous Integration workflows

For more information about setting up automated workflows, see the Continuous Integration guide.